The Quality Assurance Plan has been prepared in a tabulation form to describe briefly the typical quality practices which are applied for control valves/valves production and testing. This is attached separately for quick reference.


Each enquiry or order is reviewed by a Sales Engineer with Manager Marketing. The design Engineer is responsible for design of the valve incorporating design criteria and customers specifications.

The Design Engineer checks the complete process parameters, application data and reviews the customers choice of materials and if necessary recommends suitable materials to meet with operating/process conditions.

The Sales Engineer prepares the final updated control valve/valves technical specifications in line with the customer's purchase order specification and accordingly the order acceptance and work order sheet is made.

The order acceptance sheet and work order sheet are once again checked technically and commercially by a senior authorised personnel and MD before issued to production department.


In parallel with the design of valve, the quality requirements of Purchaser to be assessed.

Every component undergoes a standard system of inspection as per quality plan.


All critical components like internal parts and pressure retaining parts are to be purchased from an approved supplier at source, Inspection is carried out to ensure that the supplies as per requirements.

All approved suppliers are subject to regular audits.

Controlled copy drawings are only issued for purchasing.


The manufacturing of components is controlled by a system identified by work order. The work order contains all manufacturing informations like serial number, description, drawing number, delivery date and other requirement.

The components accuracy relating with respect to assembly and final inspection as per drawings. It is the responsibility of the production department to satisfy quality as per Q. A. Plan. Quality Assurance Manager shall approve the test report which will be final and binding upon manufacturing department.

Pre-assembly checks are done by the line Inspector as per the Quality/Production Plan in line with the details given in the Work Order.

Deviations are reported to the design department, if any, or incorporation are to be done in coordination with manufacturing department and quality control department.


Copies of all Test Certificate for materials are duly co-related with Heat Numbers and are furnished to customer when required.

IBR certificates in Form III -C are furnished.

All in process records have to be shown to the inspecting agency on demand.

All material have to be as per technical specifications and approved drawings.


DPT : Die Penetration Test.
MPT : Magnetic Particle Test
RT : Radiography Test.
UT : Ultrasonic Test.
TC : Test Certificate.
HT : Heat Treatment.